Daniel currently has the website hosted with GoDaddy, I am able to help him with this Website Builder.  The Research phase began by discussing with Daniel what his thoughts and goals were.  This phase included gathering internal perspectives, catalogs and existing content, also includes a heuristic evaluation of the current site. Minimalist Design, he preferred a simple and easy site.  Consistency, to be user friendly across all devices and on all pages.

The Design phase;  Mapping was done by Sketching on paper variations screen layouts, Navigation and UI elements.  Creative Content and lastly, the Iteration phase where I made updates to the design after performing Usability Tests.  Tools: Hand sketching with pen & paper, GoDaddy templates.

Being the UX Generalist for this project I am managing  everything. The Research + Design + choosing which templates work best with host GoDaddy + Creative Content + Fonts + Color Pallet.  All UI + Mapping + Navigation and Links. This project was to get a quick jump and register on Search Engines.  Becoming the Jack/Jill of all trades.

Re-Build Stridewright, manage creative content, add photo's, links, pages to update now + pages that will be used in the future and high priority on SEO.  Add links to Social Media on the site.  

My Role

Project Summary


UX Designer / Information Architecture + Content

Re-Design + Website Content

Getting past the obstacles of Stridewright vs Stride Rite was one to work out with Search Engines.  There are pages and sections added that would allow future use.  In addition to this website, we discussed Marketing and Branding and the possibility of setting up third party sites to sell these products.  Within two months of launching the site, Stridewrite was found on the first page of a Google Search.

 Stakeholder Research

 Wireframes & Tools

Revamp the current website, content, add photo's, links, pages to update now and pages that will be used in the future. Add Social Media and help Daniel with SEO so he can be found on search engines.  Prior to starting he was not found on any search engines nor was his business. Within two months of launching the revised site, he was found on the first page of Google Search. 

How can I help Daniel rebuild his current site, provide search engine placement for potential customers find him and leave room to grow?


  Website + SEO