This project started by researching and acquiring the domain name and checking to make sure the  branding does not already exist.  Having been a long time GoDaddy client, it was the choice of continuing using them as the Website Builder.  Once that was done general research began with Discovery and Planning.  This phase included gathering internal perspectives, catalogs and existing content, also includes a heuristic evaluation of the current site. Researching the Business side of Marketing, Products and Sales. 

Then the Design phase;  The layout / Mapping was done by Sketching on paper variations of screen layouts reflecting Navigation and to show UI elements.  Added Creative Content and lastly, the Iteration phase where I made updates to the design after performing tests on Mapping to ensure the correct User Flow, then proceeded with User Tests and A/B Testing.  This was the process for a while, until the final design was created and launched.

Tool: Sketching by hand with pen & paper, GoDaddy templates.

+ Re-Branding

My Role

One of the biggest challenges to overcome was the SEO.  No Saint Gear always populated the NFL team and did not show as the website.  It took a while to get the site registered on Google and showing placement on page one.  There seemed to be one other competitor that would show preference over No Saint Gear.  That has also changed.  Currently, No Saint Gear shows on Google Search placement is on the first page and the competitor lists on page two. 

This project has launched.  In addition to this website I also designed other sites that focused on Marketing items by Branding the logo on merchandise and setting up third party sites to sell these products.  This has been a very successful project.

Product Designer / Information Architecture + Content


Research + Testing

Wireframe + Tools

Being the Product Designer I created everything on the website.  It is hosted with GoDaddy so choosing which templates work best + Creative Content + Font + Color Pallet + Photograph/Edit all product.  All UI + Mapping + Navigation and Links.  Research + Design + Information Architecture.  Here, I am the Jack/Jill of all trades. 

Project Summary

How can I re-brand + recapture what worked in the past & bring into the future?


No Saint Gear

Re-Brand No Saint Gear and create a website that showcases past events and future collaborations.  Embrace all aspects that had worked for past websites and bring them onto this new domain.  Link all web stores to this site.  Work on creating SEO content and manage it.  Link all Social Media to site and forward all email addresses to one central location. 

No Saint Gear needed to completely start over and Re-Brand itself.  There were multiple sites connected with this one which all needed a fresh make-over.

Web + Content Management