My Skillsets

Currently searching for an opportunity to work with a team that runs on clear communication. Desire to align myself with a company I believe in and one that creates positive change. I am always looking to learn more and am open to taking on challenging projects.
I seek growth, mentoring, a company that gives back and one that aligns with diversity including BLM movements.
I'm currently volunteering and have been laid off due to Covid-19.

EMAIL;                            CELL; 206-794-3546    


My Experience

I love Star Wars, playing Pool and vintage cars! Enjoy collaborating with team members to come up with creative ideas from product inception to launch. Seeking to contribute in meaningful projects, continue growing my skills and build rainbow bridges along the way.

UX Product Designer + Collaborator + Content

Seattle SeaHawks & Ohio State Buckeye's Fan!

I have been working as a product designer on and off for well over eight years. Graduated from the New York Fashion Academy for fashion design and marketing.
I wear many hats under the umbrella of UX Product Designer. Have created more than eight websites and managed all sites content. Most of my experience comes from being a serial entrepreneur, consultant and retail store owner.
My super powers includes UX Designer, Web Content Designer, E-Commerce, Mobile App, HTML, SEO, Public Relations, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Promotional Marketing and Sales. I am a Jack / Jill of many trades.

My tool-belt is growing and includes; Balsamiq, Figma, Canva, Slack, Trello, Miro, AirTable, Google Sheets, Slides and Drive.

I possess a sharp eye for detail, which I use to find simple and elegant solutions to complex user flows.
Have strong interpersonal skills and work effectively cross-functionally, with designers, researchers, engineering, and marketing teams while collaborating with stake holders to define business goals.
I'm old school and prefer doing things with pen and paper. When it comes to wireframes, site maps, journey flows, illustrations and prototyping it's been mainly with pen, paper and power point. I am currently learning figma.

I Volunteer at DemocracyLab working with the UX / UI team for OrcaSound, a small start-up. I have designed the branding & logo that will be used on all platforms.